Mansfield Playhouse building

The Mansfield Playhouse is located at 95 E. Third St., Mansfield.

MANSFIELD — The Mansfield Playhouse, located at 95 E. Third Street, is preparing for one final fundraising activity to push through the remainder of the COVID-19 closure.

The Playhouse’s last production of "Leading Ladies" closed on March 8, 2020. Although the Playhouse will open in September with a full production schedule, it will have been a six-month closure.

The Playhouse needed approximately $50,000 for six months of overhead expenses. So far, the Playhouse is thrilled to have received $34,000 of the necessary funding, including:

• A grant from the Robert and Esther Black Family Foundation Fund of the Richland County Foundation.

• A grant from the Carl and Annamarie Fernyak Fund of the Richland County Foundation.

• A grant from the Black Family Foundation

• Grants received through the Richland County Foundation’s Richland Gives MighyCause Campaign.

• Individual donations received directly from patrons

The Playhouse needs to raise the last $16,000 to be ready to reopen in September with a full schedule of events. To participate in the final fundraiser, go to and purchase a ticket to the one weekend event: "Standing Ovation Donation!"

Though this is not a live event, the goal is to “SELL OUT” every ticket for $20.00 in the auditorium for this one weekend fundraising event and launch into the upcoming 2020-2021 season.

The Playhouse board and staff would like to thank everyone who has donated so far and helped the theater get through this crisis. 

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