Lindsey Janeen Adams puts her wedding band on her new husband, Christopher Allen Rodgers at the Municipal Court House Valentine's Day wedding ceremony, Friday at noon.

MANSFIELD -- Love was in the air Friday as two couples were wed on Valentine's Day in Courtroom 3 at the Mansfield Municipal Courthouse.

Christopher Allen Rodgers and Lindsey Janean Adams said "I do." So did Jeremy West Adams and Cynthia Elizabeth Myers.

The weddings were officiated by Richland County Judge Frank Ardis.

"I knew this was a day of love, and I also knew we were getting up there in age. I didn't want her to forget it," Adams, 48, said.

This is the first marriage for Adams and his new wife, Myers, 61.

"We met about seven months ago, on Facebook," he continued. "We started talking and I came up one weekend (from Springfield) and I haven't left yet."

The two are honeymooning in Stockport, Ohio.

The other newlyweds, Jeremy Adams and Myers also said they wanted to make their Valentine's Day forever special.


Chrstoher Rodgers and Lindsey Adams show off their wedding bands.

"It normally doesn't mean anything to most people, but now we have it as an anniversary," Lindsey, 36, said. 

The two said they met through a mutual friend.

"She told me I smelled really good," Rodgers, 33, said laughing.

"He smelled like laundry," Lindsey followed. "I thought his mother did his laundry."

Lindsey, a Madison graduate and Rodgers, an Ontario grad, are spending the night in Columbus for their honeymoon.

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