Chaser movie

A still shot from a scene in the local movie, Chaser.

MANSFIELD -- Chaser, a full-length, independent movie filmed in Mansfield has released its trailer.

The film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Daniel Roemer, features local talent alongside cast and crew from Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Post-production Producers, Suzanna Hammond and Andrea Wittmer are both Mansfield natives. 

Chaser is currently in post-production and is expected to be released by the end of 2019.

Roemer said the film uses sites around Mansfield to shoot scenes.

"We shot exclusively around Richland County and had the support of dozens of community members and businesses," Roemer said. "Some of these included DRM Productions, Studio 19, The Mansfield Art Center, Wiener King Restaurant, Somewhere In Time Bed & Breakfast, Red Fox Tavern, Old Soul Vintage and Records, The Happy Grape, as well as several private locations.

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"We also received immense local support both at our pre-production fundraiser, and  through our online fundraising efforts."

He described his film as being about a film editor who discovers the power to make edits and changes to his life, but only within 24 hours.

“Chaser tells the story of a professional film editor who is downbeat, lonely, and discouraged," Roemer said. "When he discovers the power to re-edit his life, one day at a time, he decides to use this power to create the world he always wanted. But whether this happens -- or causes more problems -- remains to be seen."

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