Orchard planting

Volunteers help reshape a Mansfield neighborhood lot into an orchard.

MANSFIELD -- Where once stood a dilapidated house and a vacant lot now boasts an orchard.

The property on Third Street was provided by the Richland County Land Bank to First Christian Church. A member of the congregation, Seth Dahlhausen, is transforming the land as his Eagle Scout project.


This West Third Street property was donated by the Richland County Land Bank.

Apple, Peach and Pear trees are now planted. A path with a bench will soon be added. The church intends the new ‘PrayGround’ to be a haven of peace, beauty and abundance. As the trees mature in the next few years and bear fruit, folks walking by can pick an apple (or pear or peach) as they pass by. People can sit and read, pray or simply enjoy the beauty of the trees.

The Third Street ‘PrayGround’ compliments a vegetable garden and three apple trees near the corner of Fourth and Bowman that the church also tends.


If you build it ... a property on West Third Street in Mansfield is beginning to bloom.

For more information, contact First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 419-524-4813, Mansfield1stcc1833@gmail.com.

Rev. Gregory Bibler is Pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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