MANSFIELD -- When the news spread that Artistreet -- a small festival in the Carrousel district -- would be no more, key members of the community took the opportunity to reload and expand on the Mansfield Arts Culture.

The inaugural Mansfield Arts Festival will take place Saturday, Sept. 21, from noon to 7 p.m. at the square in Downtown Mansfield.

"We've taken (Artistreet) to a whole other level," said Victoria Hoefler, one of the festival coordinators. "We have more artists, street performers, a beer garden and local artists.

"I think we are bringing enough to have something for everyone. We want to bring in statewide artists and people," she continued. "We don't want people to think they have to Cleveland or Columbus for quality entertainment. We have great artists here."

The festival will showcase Celtic music group, McIans, Jody Odom Jr., Iggy of 1,000 Drums, AlliCat and Katy Esmont.

Street performances will include, Troupe Flow, Martin Rawals and Productions.

The event also promises fire dancers, demonstrations and a history lesson on African dance, as well.

The festival is put on through the Mansfield Art Sector, a part of Richland County Development Group.

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