Daniel Ferlan's artwork

Daniel Ferlan's artwork is on display at Mansfield Art Center.

MANSFIELD -- The Daniel Ferlan: 20 Years exhibition represents the most comprehensive presentation of the artist's career to date.

Showcasing artworks from 1998 to present, it comprises 75-plus pieces specifically choreographed into ‘eras’ of his work. This visual timeline can be compared to a gigantic storybook that enchants and emerges the viewer into Ferlan’s reinvented folklore-like tales.

This mass display of work which opens on Monday, Oct. 4, comprises an implosion of bold-lined, textured paintings to an appealing contrast of newer works that entail intricate, miniature characters placed strategically in Dutch-like landscapes. Hauntingly beautiful creatures and personal symbolic relics all loosely imply various art historical references, naturally formed within the artist’s psyche.

Despite Ferlan’s work being highly introspective, the works are still able to be digested by any spectator, no matter what filter is applied.

Ferlan is a Fine Artist who resides in Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of the Pittsburgh Art Institute. His choice of medium is oil on canvas and also draws prolifically in pencil or ink. His work can be found in an array of private collections throughout the USA.

Art collector Thomas Arlen Wagner has supported Ferlan’s creative vision since the beginning. Initially attracted to his early impasto paintings, the transition into the meticulously detailed oil paintings all made conceptual sense to Wagner.

“Ferlan’s work is a perfect representation of my collection due to their authenticity, curious depictions of life, and the dark playful energy they evoke,” Wagner said.

A large portion of the art on view is from Thomas Arlen Wagner’s personal collection as well as borrowed from other private collectors.

“Viewing Ferlan’s work from the past 20 years under one roof is a work of art in itself,” said George Whitten, Mansfield Art Center’s Executive Director.

Wynter Whiteside is the co-curator of this exhibition. Whiteside is based in Columbus, Ohio and is an Independent Curator as well as a Fine Artist holding a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design.

The Foundation gallery will premiere “The Dragging of a Dear,” Ferlan’s new work. This show is a beautiful prelude for what churns in the Upper Gallery.

Due to the generosity of sponsors Hudson & Essex and Cypress Hill Winery in Mansfield, this exhibition is free and open to the community. The premier opening is Sunday, Oct. 4 at the Mansfield Art Center located at 700 Marion Avenue, Mansfield.

Visitors will see on their arrival the new pavilion and education wing most recently completed through the generosity of donors. Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Masks and social distancing are required as well as reduced capacity due to the pandemic. For more information about the Mansfield Art Center, visit mansfieldartcenter.org.

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