Golden doodle

Brianna Scherer and her pet, Lennox, enjoy a day at the Ontario Maize Memorial Dog Park inside Marshall Park.

ONTARIO -- Marshall Park is doggie heaven.

Dozens of dogs were at the grand opening for the Maize Memorial Dog Park tucked inside the park near the baseball fields.

“The dog park unofficially opened up in November, but we had a ways to go,” said Demrie Alonzo, Maize Memorial Park chair member.

In November, the dog park erected a fence around the 2.5 acres of land for dogs to roam. But Alonzo said she wanted to put in a fence to close off part of the park for smaller, less active dogs before officially opening.

The active-dog side is 2.25 acres and the less-active-dog side is a quarter acre, she said.

“It’s used every day. There’s days I come and there are 20 dogs and there are days I come and there’s two," she said. "It’s open dawn to dusk, which is really nice because people can come any time they want. But it’s always in use.”

Brianna Scherer, and her dog, Lennox, have been coming to the park twice a week since it opened in November.

“Lennox is like my child, my fur-baby,” she said of her Goldendoodle. “This is one of the only places in Mansfield where dogs are allowed freely.”

Scherer is working on getting Lennox to be certified as a therapy dog. She said bringing her dog to the park helps the canine associate with other dogs and people.

“I want to get her socialized with not only dogs, but kids too. And kids are welcome too, so it’s been really helpful to have that opportunity here.”

Schere said she has befriended other dog owners at Maize Memorial and they have gone to other parks.

The park, Alonzo said is still raising funds to add a shelter, benches and a fountain.

“Lot of running,” Alonzo said laughing at her dog. “That’s my dog over there and she is in heaven.”

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