Comic-Con with Darth Vader

Madison graduate Austin Mabe was in San Diego last week, along with this baby and Darth Vader. (Photo by Austin Mabe)

MADISON TOWNSHIP -- Madison graduate Austin Mabe is an Ohio State student with a summer internship in California.

But beyond that fantastic opportunity he's also found a way to make the summer even more memorable. Last week he made a day trip and shot photos at Comic-Con in San Diego.

"It was a nostalgic feeling," Mabe said. "It felt like I was whisked away to a world of my favorite video games and movies. everything from princesses to the walking dead gathered in this one place to express their fandom."

Mabe said the experience was a bit of a cultural shock.

"It was a very different environment out on the busy city streets of San Diego compared to our humble little city back home," he said. "There were street performers like the soccer juggler and saxophone player on every corner."

The San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), otherwise known as Comic-Con, is widely considered to be the premier event of its kind, according to CNBC. More than 130,000 people attend the extravaganza and tickets sell out in minutes.


A Comic-Con fan is ready for the festivities last week in San Diego. Photo by Austin Mabe)

"I'm not much for big crowds but I felt at home among the fantasy fans," Mabe said. "One of my favorite characters had to be Snowba Fett, one of the many creative Disney princess Boba Fett mash ups (Disney Fett's are what they're called)."

Mabe didn't go inside but took the photos included in this gallery from outside the event. Like most festivals, he also enjoyed a sampling of some tasty food.

"The smells coming from the local eateries and food trucks blew my mind," Mabe said. "Overall, it was an amazing experience, one that I wont forget."

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