Marissa Lynch is handed the Showman of Showmen trophy at the Richland County Fair.

MANSFIELD -- In her final opportunity, Marissa Lynch earned the title of greatest showman.

The 18-year-old representing Bits-n-Bridles 4-H out of Shelby secured her spot as Showman of Showmen Friday night.

"I represent the horses, and I've worked with a lot of species. I work with cattle for my 4-H and pigs, so I kind of had some knowledge of other animals coming into it," she said.

Lynch competed with six other contestants through the event, which began at 3:30 and ended at 5:45 p.m. The participants showed horses, rabbits, chicken, goats, lambs, steer and hogs to seven different judges who scored the individuals based on their showing of the animals.


The seven competitors wrestle with goats while showing their presentation skills with a judge.

"I asked the other competitors about their species and got tips about how to show the other ones and I watched some videos on YouTube to freshen up on my skills of animals I didn't know," she said. "The chickens were a lot different. You have to have a lot of knowledge that isn't common knowledge to show them."

On the other hand, showing horses came naturally, she said.

"I show horses a lot," Lynch said.

Because this was her last year in 4-H, Lynch said she was glad she was able to win the Showman of Showmen.

"I'm just going to enjoy the win and congratulate everyone who participated," she said.

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