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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another episode of The Open Mic Podcast! With your host Tom Hirst, brought to you by Richland Source and Newsroom After Hours!

This week we have the magnificent Madison Lang! With the voice to cure your sadness, while simultaneously delivering a trance-like calmness through lo-fi guitar melodies, it's easy to get lost in Madison's musical catalogue.

Madison and her two adorable kids stopped by to talk about her recent renewal of passion for musical creativity and what its like coming back from such an extensive hiatus from writing. We discuss what her writing process looks like, how she got her start in music. As well as where her inspiration came from before the hiatus and where it comes from now as a mother of two. As well as her first show back in years, tonight for the Newsroom After Hours of Friday May 13th!

I so much enjoyed this conversation. It never ceases to amaze me where musicians inspiration comes from and how similar we all end up being once you get down deep onto a certain level. The ability to connect through music is incredible!

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