The Open Mic Pod

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another episode of The Open Mic Podcast! With your host Tom Hirst, brought to you by Richland Source and Newsroom After Hours!

This week we have three rappers who will be performing the first Newsroom After Hours show this season, Friday April 15th! DeimosHenry Rich, and Yung 23 !  They collectively operate under the moniker Deaf Note, as well they release music as solo artists. You can find all of their music by clicking on the links attached to their names! 

With 15 plus years of writing, producing and rapping experience under their belts, these behemoths of artists delve deep into what sets them apart in such a vast industry. We talk influence, lyricism and hip hop show culture. What it looks like to be putting in the work and where they are looking to take their music in the future.

It was a blast meeting these dudes and getting to talk all things hip hop! Three genuine hard working dudes with a lot of great music to come! Catch them live tomorrow at this years first Newsroom After Hours show back!

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