James Brook

James Brook

MANSFIELD -- James Brook’s code of conduct included a number of items:

Believe in God and trust in God’s mercy and blessings. Take care of your family and those who depend on you. Do good where and when you can and have some fun along the way. Treat people with respect and build up, not tear down. Share good times and laughter and don’t judge but be welcoming to all. Use your intellect and energy for what is positive and stay away from the negative. Live your life as fully as you can and be happy and grateful.

Brook passed away this summer and to memorialize his life, Jim's wife Beverly set up a field of interest fund at the Richland County Foundation to assist children and adults with developmental disabilities. It was established as the James R. Brook Fund.

Jim had a special place in his heart for those who were weaker or needed special help which led him to his life’s work. He taught children with special needs both in the Mansfield City and Clear Fork Valley Schools.

Outside the classroom, he was involved in coaching several sports, including football, basketball, track, and golf. For several years he worked with developmentally disabled adults at Richland Newhope. He continued his work with disabled adults at Dale Roy in Ashland, where he was the Director of D-R Services for over 23 years.

After his retirement, he assumed the position of CEO of the D-R Services Board, serving in that capacity until a stroke forced his permanent retirement in November of 2015. He loved the game of golf and played almost every Saturday morning during golf season with a special group of friends.

Anyone is welcome to donate to the James R. Brook Fund online at richlandcountyfoundation.org or by check to the Richland County Foundation with the fund name on the memo line.

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