Islamic Food Drive

MANSFIELD -- The final 10 days of Ramadan are the most important to the Islamic Society of Mansfield, a holiday that is ongoing at the moment.

"The month of Ramadan is about giving, forgiving and getting closer to God," said Najie Okab, who was passing out food to those walking around Central Park in downtown Mansfield. "When you get closer to God, you do all good deeds."

In that spirt, Okab, president of the Islamic Society of Mansfield, and other members of his community distributed more than 150 bags of food and had pamphlets to help answer questions about the religion.

"We're out here to show them we're here. If they have any questions, we are located at 120 N. Mulberry Street. They are welcome to come by any time," Okab said. "We want people to get to know us, so we (Mansfield) can be united. Muslim isn't what you hear in the news or the media, especially with what the president (Donald Trump) is saying. 

"(The) Muslim (faith) is all about so many things. We can't use one word to define Islam. Islam is everything, it's believing in peace, love, one god. The list goes on and on."

Okab, a Lexington graduate, said any bags that are not distributed would be donated to a homeless shelter.

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