dance of the wind

"Dance of the Wind" by local artist Samantha Schneider is one of many reproduced on outdoor medium now on display at Mansfield's Central Park.

MANSFIELD -- Central Park visitors will soon see a fresh art exhibit, with a tie-in to The Shawshank Redemption 25th anniversary celebration.

Ivan Pellot, owner of The Green Room Art Gallery on the square, will soon replace the daffodil art pieces with art inspired by the famous motion picture filmed in Mansfield.

"To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie, I asked Destination Mansfield if we could do something," Pellot said. "They agreed. Now we have 23 artists -- the majority are local and others are international artists -- who will create original art pieces."

Pellot said he originally created the public art exhibit for the Daffodil Festival and wanted to display the fine art of local residents.

"I think art is a way to create culture and then culture shapes society," he said. "This idea came into my head to put up some sort of art display that could be themed and free. I think it's pretty important. 

"My intention is to show the locals all the talent we have here. We have so much talent in musical theater and music, but also other arts like painting, which is pretty important to me. The whole intention is to put it there for all to see."

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Pellot said each public display will stay in the park for three months before a new display takes over.

"This will be a great addition to all the festivities centered around the Shawshank 25th anniversary weekend, Aug. 16 to 18," said Jody Snavely, media director of Destination Mansfield. "While fans are in Central Park at Brooks' Bench, they will be able to enjoy the beautiful artwork throughout the park."

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