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Through this grant, FFTH was able to aid 10 organizations a total of $25,000.

MOUNT VERNON — Due to the generous donations from the community members of Knox County, Food For The Hungry was pleased to release the first-ever tangible grant opportunity.

Many churches, food pantries, and other non-profit organizations have had tangible needs revealed to them in the past year. Through this grant, FFTH was able to aid 10 organizations a total of $25,000.

The Salvation Army and Interchurch Social Services were awarded $10,000 each through a separate grant application.

“It is not unusual for our organization to provide funds for needs outside of food such as refrigeration, fuel and other vehicle costs, storage needs, and never requested before items necessary to distribute hot meals or food during a pandemic,” said FFTH President Samantha Scoles. “We all feel blessed to have the opportunity to help those on the front lines fighting food insecurity with these specific tangible necessities that otherwise would remain on a wish list in order to purchase food.”

FFTH is pleased to announce the following distributions to Knox County organizations and needs that are being met thanks to the generosity and love poured into the 2020 campaign:

Overcomers Christian Church — $6,000

This wonderful church works selflessly, and endlessly to provide consistent food opportunities for Knox County. The food distributed is free of charge and although the window for this specific opportunity is closing at the end of May, a new food opportunity is opening in June that is eagerly being pursued. With this $6,000 allotted to Overcomers Christian Church, FFTH is able to help aid in truck repairs and gasoline that transports over 40,000lb of food weekly.

First Congregational UCC Hot Meals — $4,000

First Congregational UCC Hot Meals works endlessly and tirelessly to bring meals for those in need within our community serving close to 3,000 meals a year. Until now, this organization has been hand slicing donated whole meat products and cheese by hand. With this $4,000 grant, FFTH is able to aid in the purchase of a commercial refrigerator, a meat slicer, knives, and a can opener.

Central Christian Food Pantry — $3,500

Central Christian Food Pantry serves close to160 families a month and many safety needs have been brought to their attention. With this $3,500 grant, FFTH is able to aid in the purchase of gravel, a wifi-extender, steel toe covers, battery and breaks for their van, a freezer, boxes to help distribute food, and box tape, that will provide more efficiencies to their pantry distribution process

Acts Food Pantry — $3,200

This food pantry doubles as a thrift shop with the community members actively engaging in their location daily serving close to 3,000 people a year. With the $3,200 grant Food For The Hungry is able to aid in purchasing upright glass door freezers.

Knox Learning Center—$2,100

The Knox Learning Center continues to find new and innovative ways to provide additional food resources that allow students to focus on their studies rather than hunger. Through this $2,100 grant, FFTH is able to help purchase microwaves for every classroom. In doing so, easy access is available in the classroom to meet hunger needs as they occur without disrupting the flow of education.

Apostolic Christian Church — $1,500

This food pantry is highly active in the community. Transporting items around the building has become troublesome as the flow of people has increased. With this $1,500 grant, FFTH is able to aid in the purchase of an electric pallet jack.

Church on the Rise — $1,500

This beautiful church puts forth all they can to make sure the needs of Knox County families are met and serves around 170 families a month through its food pantry. With the $1,500 grant, FFTH is able to help purchase a new deep freezer and a pallet jack.

Mount Vernon Farmers Market — $1,500

The market occurs every Saturday, May through October, making healthy home-grown foods available for purchase. Mount Vernon Farmers Market offers perks as well as vouchers for senior citizens and accepts Snap benefits. With this $1,500 grant, FFTH is able to assist in printing a guide that includes in-season produce to increase community knowledge and encourage healthier choices.

Mobility Management of Knox County — $1,000

This organization has thought of a unique, yet needed opportunity that they desire to put into action. With this $1,000 grant, FFTH is able to aid in the distribution of vouchers for free round-trip rides to food opportunities. These vouchers would be given to food pantries, farmers markets, and other food initiatives to distribute at their convenience

CHOMP — $700

CHOMP is a fresh produce giveaway where community members can come fellowship over grilled food and pick out fresh produce to feed their families. CHOMP is the only organization that specifically provides free fresh produce to encourage healthy choices for families and individuals in need. With this $700 grant, FFTH is able to aid in the purchase of a gas grill, two electronic tablets, and cases.

The Salvation Army — $10,000

The Salvation Army of Knox County has been extremely active lately as they have seen the impact this last year has had on the community. The Salvation Army provides rental and utility assistance to those living 250% below the poverty line. With this $10,000 grant, FFTH will be able to help this organization continue financial assistance for rent and utilities.

Interchurch Social Services — $10,000

Interchurch Social Services doubles as a thrift shop and food pantry providing food, household items, and clothing at no cost to those in need within Knox County. With this $10,000 grant, FFTH is able to assist the Danville, Fredericktown, and Centerburg locations with things such as clothing racks, refrigerators, freezers, double basket carts, wagons to assist clients to their vehicles, and more.

Because of the outpouring of love and donations from this community, Food For The Hungry is able to meet needs that are not normally met on a regular basis. The support given to FFTH on a yearly basis has both overwhelmed and humbled the Board of Directors as well as those who are experiencing the direct impact on their ministry and organization.

“How great it is to aid in things that may seem small to one’s eye, but makes a world of difference to those laboring," said FFTH executive director Lisa Mazarri said. "We are blessed by so many hearts on the front lines and those willing to donate to FFTH to make that work possible.

"No gift is too small when working together to care for our neighbors! Many thanks, Knox County, you are amazing.” 

For photos, videos, and radio interviews from the 2020 drive, as well as continued opportunities to give, please visit The Dec. 11, 2020, broadcast is available on demand for a full year at

Thanks to the continued support of this generous community, we are able to continue to work together to care for our neighbors.

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