Geron Tate

Geron Tate, pictured above, is hosting an event on June 28 in Mansfield: Being an African American Male in Mansfield.

MANSFIELD -- Geron Tate and Associate's will host a community discussion on Friday, June 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at IMANI Activity and Events Center 486 Springmill St. The topic is titled: Being an African-American Male in Mansfield.

This is the first in a series of discussions that GTA will host. The program is an opportunity for the community to address its needs, wants, and desires in building success models for African-American men. The discussion will include a panel conversation. Each panelist will be given three minutes to share specific information that will help create the models. A survey will be distributed to the audience for its input.

The focus of this discussion is African American males, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Why have organizers decided to focus on African American males? Organizers of this event believe African American males in Mansfield/Richland County are struggling to create and live a positive lifestyle in Mansfield/Richland County.

Factors that can contribute to this situation include; poverty, low graduation rates, lack of skills, poor living conditions and PTSD.

This event is ideal for church leadership, church members, community members and anyone concerned with the plight of the African American Male. This event is free, but registration is requested.

People can contact Geron Tate to RSVP at: 419-512-5487, or by email at

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