Eric Church

A screen shot of Country music star Eric Church's facebook post. Some of It was filmed in Mansfield, Ohio.

MANSFIELD -- Eric Church's music video, "Some of It," which was filmed at the Ohio State Reformatory, has been nominated for Music Video of the Year at the Country Music Awards, according to his Facebook Page.

"I got a call back in March from his production team that they were interested in the Reformatory," said Dan Smith, associate director of the historic Ohio State Reformatory (OSR).

Church came through Mansfield during his most recent tour and filmed the video in one day.

"Some of It" is a sequel to a video he shot called Desperate Man, where he was filmed stealing and bootlegging his record at an airport. He serves time for his crimes in this video. Much of the video shows portions of OSR.

Church entered the country music scene in 2006 with the release of Sinners Like Me, a 12-song album.

He has won multiple American Country Music Awards. He won a grammy for best country song, 'Springsteen' in 2013. He won best country record in 2015 for his album, 'The Outsiders.'

"(This is a) huge announcement for Eric Church and Ohio State Reformatory MRPS!" Smith said on his personal Facebook page when he shared Church's page post.

The CMAs will be broadcast live on Nov. 13 on ABC.

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