Eric Church, Dan Smith

From left, Dan Smith, associate director of OSR, Eric Church, a grammy-winning country artist and Mike Humphrey, an employee and former inmate at the prison pose for a picture. Church used the historic prison for his latest music video, 'Some Of It.'

MANSFIELD – One of the hottest country music artists has released a new music video featuring the Ohio State Reformatory.

Eric Church's new song, 'Some of It,' uses the Reformatory as a backdrop throughout most of the video. 

The video is a sequel to a video he shot called Desperate Man, where he was filmed stealing and bootlegging his record at an airport. He serves time for his crimes in this video.

The video was published May 24 on YouTube.

"I got a call back in March from his production team that they were interested in the Reformatory," said Dan Smith, associate director of the historic Ohio State Reformatory (OSR).

"He had a very busy production schedule due to being on his Double Down tour currently so it was tricky to find a day to make it work. Eric is a big fan of (The) Shawshank (Redemption), so that helped draw him into seeing if the facility could be used for the video."

This is the latest video in a string of celebrity-backed video productions at the Reformatory, Smith said.

"I have a new term with my staff this year that we are embracing the term 'Hollywood’s favorite prison,'" Smith said. "With the upcoming release of the new Sylvester Stallone movie (Escape Plan: The Extractors), we think adding a huge music video such as what Eric brings was perfect timing to make this a year to remember. There are other prison they could film in for sure. But I think the Reformatory is a prison like no other. And I think that’s what continues to draw in more and more productions.

"So it’s really interesting from our perspective. We have an incredible team that embraces big productions like this," Smith said. "We understand the value that this brings to all the tour guests that come to experience OSR."

Arguably the most popular movie of all time, "The Shawshank Redemption," was filmed at OSR in 1994.

Church entered the country music scene in 2006 with the release of Sinners Like Me, a 12-song album.

He has won multiple American Country Music Awards. He won a grammy for his best song country song, 'Springsteen' in 2013. He won best country record in 2015 for his album, 'The Outsiders.'

"It lends another incredible story to what we do there," Smith said. "I always find out what their vision is first to make sure the Reformatory can accomplish what they are looking for."

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