ASHLAND -- The oldest son of Phil and Miss Kay Robertson, Alan (Al) Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ is coming to Ashland this May. 

The longtime pastor and one of the founders of Duck Commander will speak at the annual Ashland Community Prayer Breakfast Thursday, May 7 at the Ashland University Convocation Center, according to Pastor John Bouquet of Bethel Baptist Church

Obviously, he’s a prominent voice, and Alan will be by every means the biggest name we’ve had,” Bouquet said. “This will give us an opportunity... to get the most people in the room and meet spiritual needs.” 

Organized by the Ashland County Ministerial Association, the annual breakfast has been held in association with the National Day of Prayer since 1981. 

In 1981, dozens of Ashland County churches teamed to launch the event with intentions to pray over local leaders -- mayors, township trustees, school board members, the dog warden. 

It started small with more clergy than city and county representatives in the room, but has since swelled to include more than 700 in attendance. Approximately half are local leaders.  

“It’s meant to be a gift to them,” Bouquet said. “My goal as the leader of this event is to let them know their position is important. 

“It’s easy to get the mayor there, a Trustee of Mifflin Township may not as easily see the waves they are making in the pot, but they are making waves, and they are there by divine appointment. ” 

Last year, 58 of Ashland County’s 104 churches financially contributed to the event. More than 40 local businesses gave, too. 

“They believe in the mission and put very serious dollars behind it,” Bouquet said. 

For a long while, Bouquet has thought it’d be “big” to get someone from ‘Duck Dynasty.’

A friend connected Bouquet with Robertson and to Bouquet’s surprise, Robertson agreed to visit Ashland. To the local pastor, this seemed to be nothing short of a “God thing.” 

Robertson served as a Pastor for 22 years at the White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, LA. He returned to the family business, Duck Commander, in 2012, when he began appearing on ‘Duck Dynasty’ until it ended in 2017after 11 Seasons and 131 episodes.

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