Humane Society of Richland County play yard

A new play hard at the Humane Society of Richland County is the result of a donation by Patricia Wilson.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story originally stated the donation was made to the Humane Society. Richland Source made the error.

MANSFIELD -- Earlier this year, the Dog Warden's Office was willed a sum of money by Patricia Wilson. Her wishes expressed that the funds be used to facilitate the adoption of dogs from our facility.

As such, half the money has been used to reduce the adoption fee to $169 from our normal fee of $199. Another portion of the money was used to repair the existing play yard and to build a second play yard.

"With the additional space to play and ability to have more than one dog out, it enables us to offer more natural movement and exercise for the dogs in our care," said Missy Houhgton, assistant Dog Warden. "In doing so, we believe that the dogs will be happier during their stay and that will help promote adoptability.

"We are incredibly grateful that Mrs. Wilson thought of us and the dogs that are in our care."

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