Jean Taddie

Jean Taddie used the Community Opportunity website which led her to her new role as the Transit Development Manager for the Richland County Regional Planning Commission

Jean Taddie is a community involved person. She worked as a director over at the North Central Ohio Land Conservancy, and before that, a program manager for the North End Community Improvement Collaborative, which started as a community organizer role. She’s also served part-time on the Mansfield City Council. 

With a bachelor’s degree in business management as well, Taddie’s had an extensive career working in the Richland County area. She wants to keep it that way. 

In October, Taddie used the Community Opportunity job board and found her latest job as transit development manager for the Richland County Regional Planning Commission. Using the local job board, she was familiar with the entities and also felt comfortable applying to a job that she knew to be legitimate.

“I was really wanting to stay local and not have to commute very long or look at moving out of our community,” Taddie said. “I wanted to stay here because I think Richland County's a nice place to live. And so (Community Opportunity) immediately perked up my ears, and I found very good job leads.”

“It's like somebody went through and made sure that there was a real person at the end of that job lead; that it was a company that I knew with companies all around me.”

Taddie found the website easy to sort through. She simply searched for jobs with degrees, and that helped her focus on items that were relevant to her. Within a couple of scrolls, she landed on a job that suited her needs as a potential employee. 

“When I saw the job for this Regional Planning position, and I saw that it included grant management and partnership building and taking care of the budgets, I knew that was up my alley,” Taddie said. A bonus was that she worked on some committees for that organization in the past and had a lot of respect for the work done there. 

“Seeing a good job, and that it was from an organization that I could trust and had a lot of respect for, made it real simple. I knew right away I wanted to apply,” Taddie said.  

Richland County Regional Planning Commission

Taddie sees Community Opportunity as a win-win for job-seekers as well as employers. Having been on the employer side as well, she can see frustrations from both sides when it comes to the hiring process and wanting to stay local.

“(Employers) want people that can get to work. The closer you are, the more reliable you can get to work. And they want people that are dedicated to the local community like they are, so I see a real win-win,” Taddie said.

Much like the real estate business, it’s all about the location. Using Community Opportunity saved Taddie the pain of a two-hour commute. It also gave her a job she’s proficient in from every side.  

“I don't want to spend two hours of my day commuting—that's not a good quality of life,” Taddie said. “I like being in a small community that has everything I need within a short drive. So I'm thrilled to be working and living right here in Mansfield, Ohio. There's a great opportunity for people to stay around and be connected thanks to this job board.”

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