First Place: A Christmas Gazebo

MANSFIELD — It's the holiday season in the city of Mansfield, and we're looking for someone to capture our best side.

Cleveland Financial is sponsoring its third-annual photo contest aimed at highlighting the holiday lights currently decorating downtown Mansfield. First prize will be awarded $500, second prize will be awarded $250, and third prize will be awarded $100.

Any photo submitted to the contest should focus on the light displays in the downtown business district of Mansfield. Submissions are encouraged to use their artistic eye and help others see the city from a new perspective.

Maybe it's the gazebo on the square beaming brightly in the night, or capturing the Carrousel Christmas tree in all its glory. Maybe it's the lighting display at 5th and Main Street. The choice is yours. 

Submit your photos, then browse through the gallery and vote for your favorites - once again, the community will determine the winner of this year's contest.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, Dec. 31. Winners will be contacted shortly thereafter.

The goal of the contest, according to Chuck Hahn of Cleveland Financial, is to document the current light displays in downtown Mansfield while also giving inspiration as to where the lights could expand in future years.

Last year, a total of 59 photos were judged by 1,583 online voters.

First prize went to Trevor Utt, whose photo "A Christmas Gazebo" earned 504 votes. Second places went to Mark Shutt for "City lights" with 431 votes, and third places went to Nicholas Petursson with 146 votes.

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