Blue Rose Mission

MANSFIELD – Like all groups and businesses, Blue Rose Mission, a Richland County non-profit organization that does simple home repairs for the less fortunate households in the greater Mansfield area, is feeling the effects of the current pandemic.

The current model that Blue Rose follows calls for work groups to schedule and pay for a mission trip to the Mansfield area where they are housed locally. Each day, the groups travel to a home where the homeowner has made it known that home renovations need to be done.

These renovations range from painting and laying floors to deck and outdoor stair repair. On average, each group spends about a week in Mansfield, working on a few different homes within that time frame with one “free day" when groups spend some time sight-seeing.

“Many of our groups are youth groups from churches in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Michigan," said executive director Abby McCready. "They love spending their 'free day' at Cedar Point. One group last year went to the old prison. They were impressed that Shawshank Redemption was filmed right here in Mansfield.” 

Due to the limitations of COVID-19, only three groups scheduled a trip to Blue Rose Mission this season and one of those has already had to cancel. While Blue Rose understands that many people are in situations that make it hard or impossible to travel and work with them, there are still less-fortunate neighbors that are living in unsafe conditions and they need help.

Blue Rose Mission is looking for local groups of up to six adults that are able and willing to hammer some nails, cut some boards, or wield a paintbrush to help a neighbor in need. Whether they can come for one day or an entire week, Blue Rose needs help.

“This 2020 season has been so hard on so many and those work groups that want to help Blue Rose are no different," McCready said. "The groups have to pay to help cover lodging as well as supplies for each job that we do and I know that families have had to change their priorities in this economic climate. They can’t help it.”

People interested in helping should contact Abby McCready via email at or through the website

Blue Rose humbly asks someone who is unable to help physically but still wants to be part of the mission to consider donating to the cause. Any amount can help. Those wishing to donate can do so online via PayPal at or via check at Blue Rose Mission PO Box 3834 Mansfield, Ohio 44907.

Started in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals, Blue Rose Mission exists to share Christ’s love with Richland County, one home repair at a time. By bringing work groups to the area to complete these repairs, Blue Rose also seeks to create leaders who can take the spirit of giving and love back with them when they leave Mansfield.

Through a Board of Directors that consists of nine board members as well as an Executive Director, Bookkeeper and Site Coordinator, Blue Rose has helped homeowners throughout the greater Mansfield area live in safer conditions for the last 12 years.

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