Mark Messmore

Mark Messmore

WILLIAMSTOWN, Kentucky -- Churches across America of all sizes and types are struggling to find, and keep, pastors.

In his new book, Simple Preaching Prep, author and pastor Mark Messmore guides readers through one pastoral task; the important task of preaching.

Simple Preaching Prep - Front Cover

Simple Preaching is by Ashland's Mark Messmore.

“There are a lot of books on preaching. Many are classics and rich in content," Messmore said. "Yet too often I found preaching books in one of three categories.

"Some emphasized a singular approach with little personalization. Some required a seminary education to understand, and some were very dated in their language.

"I wrote Simple Preaching Prep to be easily readable and accessible to anyone, offering them a model to customize to their personality.”

Messmore has been in full-time located ministry since 2006. He has served churches in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Messmore has degrees from Kentucky Christian University and Campbellsville University.

He and his wife Kara live in Kentucky where he is the Lead Pastor at Mount Olivet Christian Church (The Mount) in Williamstown, Kentucky.

For more information about Mark or his book Simple Preaching Prep visit

Simple Preaching Prep will be available on Amazon in both digital and paperback forms on March 1, 2022.

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