ASHLAND -- Organizers of the Ashland BalloonFest won't let a few bumps in the road -- or the air -- keep them down. 

On Tuesday evening, the planning committee announced plans to attempt the "29th and 3/4" version of the Ashland BalloonFest Flyover, an event featuring hot air balloons flying over the city of Ashland.

In what the committee was calling the "29th and a half" Ashland BalloonFest Flyover, seventeen hot air balloon pilots were set to sail their balloons across Ashland to recognize what would have been the 30th annual Ashland BalloonFest on June 27 and 28. 

Concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic led organizers to cancel the traditional event, and inclement weather led the flyover planned in place of the event to be canceled, too.

"We are not giving up. We want to bring this to Ashland," said committee president Mindi White. "It seems like something people want. It was nice to see the excitement already last night." 

She laughed as she wrote up a Facebook post to share the news. 

"Next year's the 30th, so we were thinking about what to call it, and decided we'd just keep coming up with different names." 

The "29th and 3/4" Ashland BalloonFest Flyover is now set for Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2.

Eight pilots have already confirmed plans to attend, but White remains hopeful for more. 

"People are looking for places to fly," she said, noting events are being canceled elsewhere. 

The flyovers will follow the same schedule as planned for last weekend. The Saturday evening flight will be visible between 6:30 and 7 p.m., and the best time to view the a Sunday morning flight will be around 7 a.m.  

Again, the event is weather-permitting and assumes COVID-19 related restrictions remain similar or lessened. 

The traditional Ashland BalloonFest will resume June 24 through 27, 2021 as the 30th annual event.

The committee is still selling Balloonfest T-Shirts through Superior March until July 2. Additional information is available on the event's Facebook Page.

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