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Beating Heart of the Arts

A 6-part series sponsored by the Renaissance Theatre.

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Special Series

Live Well Richland

Richland Public Health wants to see our community thrive, where residents can enjoy optimal physical, emotional, and environmental health. This 6-part series highlights the programs brought to you by RPH and the lives they impact.

The team heads toward Shaktoolik in the blueberry hills. The Shaktoolik checkpoint comes 777 miles into the race.

"Headed towards an Iditarod checkpoint and passing by two ‘walkers’ who are in competition by walking the entire Iditarod trail. They start way before the sled dog race and end after us, but use the same trail. Pretty crazy!" Matthew Failor said.

"Here we just dropped out of the Dalzell Gorge and are near the Rohn checkpoint (nearly 200 miles into the race)," Matthew Failor said.