BUCYRUS, Ohio — Crawford County Prosecutor Matthew Crall has announced the indictments of 39 new cases from the December Grand Jury. Nineteen of those cases are directly related to drug abuse.

The 39 indictments brings the total number of indictments for 2015 to 399 indictments. In 2014, the grand juries of Crawford County indicated 258 cases.

“Everyone in our community is coming together to hold those who break the law accountable. Members of the community have decided to place our resources toward fighting crime in Crawford County by passing safety force levies. The Special Response Team is using those resources in collaboration between law enforcement, fire, and the prosecutor’s office to ferret out those who commit crime — especially drug offenses. The prosecutor’s office and the court system are working to see that those who commit serious crime do serious time,” Crall said.

Seven new indictments have yet to be served and remain sealed. A list of the serviced indictments can be found on the attached page.

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