Bailey Walter

Shelby graduate Bailey Walter is shown here with Rue and Urban, breeding doe goats who are preparing for the Richland County Fair.

SHELBY -- My name is Urban. I am a goat. Actually, I am a breeding doe who will make my first appearance in public at the Richland County Fair the first week of August.

My current owner is Bailey Walter. She graduated from Shelby High School a couple of months ago. She was a Shelby FFA member all four years that she was in high school.

Her FFA advisor is Mr. Randy Eisenhauer. His farm is where I was born. He raises goats. All kinds of goats. Dairy Market goats and breeding does that compete at the fair get a good start if they come from his farm. I know because I was born last winter when the temperature so cold it would make an Eskimo shiver. However, on Eisenhauer Farm they have an alarm system that rings if it gets too cold for the goats, or if a baby goat is being born. Randy and his wife, Eileen come to our rescue if any problems should occur.

When I was a couple of months old, Bailey took ownership of little ole' me. I tend to be bashful, but stubborn. Bailey caught on to my personality right away. There was no fooling her when it came time to feed me or train me for the fair. This is Bailey's fourth year taking a goat to the fair and she has mastered the art.

Last year, Chili, Bailey's goat was Grand Champion Breeding Doe Yearling. I know I have a lot to live up to with Chili preceding me, but I too, can be a champion (if it is the right day and if I am in the mood when the judges come around).

Currently, I live in the FFA barn on the high school grounds. Bailey visits me every day to help me to learn how to stand just right for judging and she always makes sure I have plenty of water and feed. Eating is the one thing I am a champion at doing. I can push and shove any critter that gets in my way when it is feeding time. Rue, my roommate in the barn, sometimes gets in my way and I have to show her who is boss at feeding time.

I love it when Bailey takes extra time to just concentrate on me. It makes a goat feel loved when their owner gives them love and attention. That is one reason why I think I can make a good impression on the judges. I feel loved and I can show love.

I only hope I am not in one of my “moods” the day of judging. I usually listen to Bailey unless she has my lease or collar in her hands. I don't know why, but I just want to run and be stubborn when I see that collar.

Anyone who reads my story, please stop in the goat barn at the fair and say hello. I will be the one looking over the gate to make sure the other goats are behaving themselves.

Who knows? I might be the one after Tuesday with a ribbon hanging on the gate. Wish me luck!

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