Lexington High School

LEXINGTON -- Lexington Local Schools will be closed on Tuesday, Oct. 20 in response to a positive COVID-19 test, the school announced on Monday afternoon.

In an update posted Tuesday morning, Supt. Jeremy Secrist stated that one staff member at Eastern Elementary, one staff member at Western Elementary, one junior high student and one high school student have tested positive for COVID-19.

"The positive tests are related to a community gathering not associated with Lexington Local Schools," Secrist wrote. "We are working closely with Richland Public Health to ensure all appropriate measures are being taken to identify anyone at risk due to close contact with the infected person."

Children identified as a close contact will be notified by Richland Public Health or Lexington Local Schools that they need to quarantine.

"Being identified as a close contact means that your child was within 6 feet of a COVID-19 positive individual for 15 minutes or more, or had direct physical contact, such as a hug or team huddle. If you are not notified by Richland Public Health or Lexington Local Schools, your child was not identified as a close contact and therefore does not need to quarantine," Secrist wrote.

The district announced Monday afternoon there will be no classes Oct. 20 "to continue contact tracing due to positive COVID-19 results and to disinfect all buildings."

There will not be remote learning on Tuesday -- classes are canceled. The notice stated that school will be back in session on Wednesday. 

According to data from the Ohio Department of Health, Lexington Local Schools has had a cumulative 2 staff members and 2 students test positive for COVID-19 since data tracking began Sept. 7. These numbers do not include the most recent cases announced Tuesday.

Lexington announced a positive case at Eastern Elementary on Sept. 24 and a bus garage employee on Sept. 30 on its district website.

Superintendent Jeremy Secrist was not immediately available for comment.

This story is being updated. 

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