Madison High School sign

MADISON TOWNSHIP -- Madison High School sent 20 students to the SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Conference on Nov. 4 in Columbus.

Of those 20 students seven ran for Regional Office, four students attended as Voting Delegates. The remaining students serve as Local Officers for the Junior and Senior Career Tech class.

"On Nov. 5 Madison had three students earn the Regional Officer position and will be representing our school on the Regional Level," said Karen VonStein, Career Tech Assessment Coordinator. "This is quite an honor for Madison."

Newly elected officers are Owen McGregor a Junior in Culinary Arts and Wyatt Rivers also a Junior in the Culinary Arts, the third Regional Officer is Owen Hoffman a Junior in the Health Technologies class.

"Our Regional Officers will be attending The Regional Officer Training Institute in January 2022," VonStein said. "We couldn’t have accomplished this amazing feat without the help of our Voting Delegates that worked tirelessly to help our students earn a Regional Officer position."

Attending the Fall Conference as voting delegates are Tatum Turcott a Junior in the Business Management, Izzy Diallo a Junior in Health Technologies, Lucas Warren a Junior in the Auto Technologies and Peyton Myers a Junior in the Business Management program.

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