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Students in Ohio rank among the top 10 in the country in terms of school-related pet peeves, according to the website Brainly, which claims to be the world's largest online learning community.

Brainly said it surveyed 1,000 U.S. students to find out their biggest pet peeves when it comes to school, homework, their classmates, teachers, and everyday educational routines. Some interesting trends and insights were uncovered.

Nationwide, nearly 77 percent of U.S. parents say they have pet peeves related to their child’s homework habits, and 70 percent of U.S. students said they have school-related pet peeves that frustrate or annoy them on a regular basis.

The top 10 states where students have the most pet peeves related to their academics are:

1. Pennsylvania (88%)

2. Florida (88%)

3. Georgia (87%)

4. Texas (85%)

5. Alabama (84%)

6. Delaware (82%)

7. (82%)

8. Maryland (81%)

9. Arizona (79%)

10. Ohio (77%)

According to the survey, there are certain types of classmates that are constant sources of annoyance and frustration for their peers.

The perpetually unprepared borrower (33%) - There’s always that one kid in class who’s never prepared. They never have a pencil, pen, piece of paper, a calculator, or anything you would normally bring to class.

Zoned out daydreamers that ask questions that were already answered (30%) - Students said this is a huge waste of time and a clear indicator that classmates are not paying attention.

Early packers that get ready to leave before the teacher’s done speaking (24%) - Who knew rustling paper could be so loud? It may not seem like that big of a deal when one student packs up early, but the problem is that it tends to be contagious and eventually, half the class is closing their notebooks and slamming their chair desks down and it’s impossible to hear the teacher.

Constant coughers (13%) --  Obviously this pet peeve is unavoidable unless you’re one of those lucky people that never get sick. Although it’s not the cougher’s fault, that doesn’t make the constant hacking any less annoying.

When it comes to schoolwork, U.S. students say their biggest pet peeve is getting assigned last-minute assignments (44%). The second biggest schoolwork pet peeve is surprise pop quizzes (30%), and last but not least s getting assigned group projects and not being able to choose who you work with (26%).

When asked about homework, U.S. students say running into tough homework problems at home and not being able to figure out the answers is their biggest pet peeve (35%), followed by receiving homework that is purely “busy work” (27%) and getting assigned more homework than they’re able to complete within the allotted due date time (26%).

Nationwide 62% of U.S. parents say their biggest pet peeve about their child’s homework habits is when their child procrastinates and waits until the last minute to finish their homework.

Students’ biggest pet peeves related to teachers are when they talk too fast for them to take adequate notes (35%), when they’re not available to provide additional help or assistance on lessons students are struggling with (34%), and not receiving grades on assignments back in a timely manner (31%).

Roughly 47% of U.S. students say their biggest pet peeve when taking standardized tests is coming across questions that were never covered in their classes. A close second is distracting students that tap their pencils on the desk, fidget, or chew gum loudly (38%), and a distant third is when the person behind them kicks their seat during the test (15%).

When asked about technology, 53% of students say their biggest pet peeve is when teachers don’t let them use online resources for assignments. Along the same lines, 47% of students said teachers that require papers to be handwritten instead of typed are their biggest source of frustration.

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