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A Stingel Elemntary student reads a new book provided during a campaign last week to promote the importance of reading.

ONTARIO -- On Thursday, Jan. 6, Stingel Elementary hosted a special event in conjunction with the American Federation of Teachers.

Staff of Stingel served parents who dropped their children off “coffee at the curb” and gave them some information about the importance reading from AFT and their Reading Opens the World campaign to encourage good reading habits at home in the new year.

Then, all Stingel students were able to pick out a book to take home provided by AFT. Students loved their new books.

Tonya Winningham, President of the Ontario Federation of Teachers, worked in conjunction with Stingel Principal, Kimberly Johnson, to bring the two events together at Stingel.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper and representative Jill Jones attended the event and helped serve coffee and pick out books.

Many Stingel teachers served coffee and wished parents a happy New Year.

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