Stellar Robotics Team

The Stellar Robotics Team 5413 is shown here setting up for a match at the Buckeye Regional Competition in 2016.

SHELBY -- Stellar Robotics is a hands-on STEM education program for students K-12 who up until recently met and built their robots on the fourth floor of the James W. Kehoe Center in Shelby.

Due to the ongoing need for tight protocols within schools and colleges, Stellar Robotics will no longer be able to meet in this space.

"Stellar is extremely grateful for the support of NCSC and the Kehoe Center in the past six years in the use of their classrooms and shop," said Chantal DeYoe, Volunteer Program Administrator for Stellar Robotics. "Their sponsorship has made the program possible."

Now in these unprecedented times, Stellar Robotics is turning to the community in search of a new meeting space for their STEM programs. Stellar has an immediate need for space to store the materials and tools currently in storage at the Kehoe Center, as well as a long term location to host the meetings for its family of K-12 programs.

"Stellar appreciates the risk involved in taking in a new group of people and students right now, and (we) are ready to implement any necessary safety protocols and measures," DeYoe said. "Stellar has created its program policy for preventing spread of COVID-19 within their programs, and will share these policies with any parties interested in hosting their build space."

If you or your business are capable of hosting the teams or have any additional questions, please contact Chantal at

Stellar Robotics operates through the help of its generous sponsors. Follow this link to support Stellar Robotics today.

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