Shiloh Car Show

Nellie Felty (left), Plymouth-Shiloh FFA Alumni Secretary/Treasurer, accepted a check from Richard Stephens and Mickey Hall of the Shiloh Car Show.

SHILOH -- Richard Stephens and Mickey Hall, representatives of the Shiloh Car Show, recently presented the Plymouth-Shiloh FFA Alumni with a $2,000 check to support Plymouth and Shiloh students.

"The organization knew many of our FFA events for students have been cancelled or virtually scheduled and wanted to ensure students were not lacking for the things they are in need of," the organization stated. "So they decided to donate to the Plymouth-Shiloh FFA Alumni this year to support our agricultural youth at the county fair and through the purchase of classroom materials, supplies, and another other necessary items."

Plymouth FFA students work together to farm a 26-acre field which is planted to soybeans this year. in addition, they typically grow a garden of tomatoes and peppers, manage a raspberry patch and a grape arbor, in addition to several areas of landscaping.

In class, students learn about the science of agriculture as they explore careers, learn business skills and etiquette, practice leadership, process agricultural products such as spaghetti sauce-salsa-jams and jellies, as well as learn woodworking and welding basics.

The Plymouth-Shiloh FFA Alumni is hoping to use part of the donation to help the chapter purchase a plasma table, cutter, laser and router for the ag classroom. The Plymouth-Shiloh FFA Alumni and Plymouth FFA chapter would like express its gratitude to the Shiloh Car show supporters as well as all of our recent fundraiser supporters and donors.

"Our small towns are very blessed by the generosity and support of so many," the organization stated. "We cannot say enough about the small towns within the Plymouth-Shiloh Local School District and our surrounding communities, they are filled with some fantastic people and businesses."

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