Shelby Choir

Shelby High School's "Choral Countdown to Christmas" video in 2017. 

MANSFIELD — Over the past few holiday seasons we started shooting videos of one holiday song from each of the Richland County High School choirs that would agree to let us do so.

It received a pretty solid response from our readers, and gave us a chance to spotlight students we don't reach via photo galleries of bands, cheerleaders, athletes, or academic achievements.

Once upon a time, I was a choir kid myself, and always looked forward to the holiday program. It was a nice springboard into the season and a chance to show our families what we had worked on the first half of the year.

Anyway, the pandemic and its diminishing comfort level have limited our ability to send reporters into the field to replicate this feature.

So, I asked Madison choral director Craig Green about an alternative approach. What if we could maintain this project by having someone at the school shoot the video and sending it to us?

It can be as simple as having someone take a phone video of one song from the school's holiday concert and sending it to us. I did this myself at a Mansfield St. Peter's concert in 2019. As you can see below, no one will confuse me with Steven Spielberg, but it got the message across: 

Craig said he couldn't speak for anyone else, but Madison would be able to do this.

I'd like to formally ask the other high school choral directors in the community if they would also be willing to take a swing at it. They choir directors could appoint a parent, friend of the choir or a student to take a video of the best song from the holiday program, and send it to us. It could also be from a rehearsal, outside program, etc.

Or, if the school has a TV program, maybe someone in that arena would like to tackle the job. It can be as elaborate or as simple as a school wishes it to be.

Whatever works for the school's choir director is fine with us. The important thing is to publish the kids' work.

For those interested, you have two options to share your videos with us: 

1. Upload your video using this form.


2. Email your video directly to me at Please be sure to include the name of the school whose choir you are submitting in your email. 

We hope as many schools as possible take advantage of this opportunity. First, and most important, we get to spotlight the students in the choir as they strut their stuff.

Second, the videos serve as a way of wishing a happy holiday to those specific communities from the youngsters in their district.

And finally, it's a good idea we'd like to replicate despite the circumstances we're all facing.

Thanks to those who are willing to participate and happy holidays!

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