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Bailey Maxfield

MANSFIELD - Richland Academy of the Arts has announce its most recent new-hire, Bailey Maxfield, who will be teaching voice lessons at the school.

Maxfield obtained her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from Bowling Green State University. Her previous experience includes both private teaching and serving as a K-12 substitute teacher. During her degree, she specialized in classical voice and opera and has experience with musical theatre and contemporary styles.

During her time at Bowling Green, Maxfield participated in the world premiere of student composed operas as part of the annual MicroOperas program.

She also has considerable theatre experience, having worked as a stage director for the same program. Maxfield’s goal as a teacher is to give her students a thorough understanding and mastery of vocal technique and incorporate acting, foreign language, and history into her lessons.

Students of Bailey’s will receive a holistic grounding in the vocal discipline and be able to build confidence, love their art form, and cherish their time at the Academy. 

“We love bringing in instructors who are passionate about their art and are inspired to help students grow in every way,” says Marianne Cooper, Executive Director. “I believe that the instructors and offerings we have at the Academy are the best arts experiences that a student can receive, and we are proud of that.”

For more information on registering for classes, call Richland Academy at 419-522-8224 or visit “Richland Academy … where anyone can explore the artist within,” located at the corner of 4th and Walnut St. was founded in 1991 and is supported by the Ohio Arts Council.

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