Leah Blay

Ontario's Leah Blay was part of the KCPH team that won big at the recent equestrian national championships in Sunbury.

SUNBURY -- Ontario 8th grader Leah Blay rode tall in the saddle at the recent Youth Equestrian Development Association’s National Championship.

The competition was held at Eden Park Equestrian Complex in Sunbury. Blay was part of the KCPH team that won two national championships in the Junior High Ruby Horsemanship classes. She competed for her team in both classes and earned a 1st and 2nd in her events.

Leah and Dan Blay

Leah Blay is shown here with her father Dan.

Blay's team was 4th overall and bested 27 other teams from around the country in the competition. 

Riders at this competition were competing for Molly’s custom belt buckles as well as scholarship money. These events are particularly challenging considering riders do not ride their own horse, they simply draw a random name of a horse from a large pool. A group of more than 60 horses were generously made available by donors from all over the Midwest.

The Youth Equestrian Development Association provides opportunities for equestrians to earn scholarships as well as learning opportunities and horsemanship skill building. These opportunities are made for students in grades 4-12. For more information on this organization visit http://www.showyeda.com.

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