Shelby STEM students

Students in Shelby learned about gardens and STEM with a Teachers Assistance Program.

MANSFIELD – The Richland County Foundation awarded more than $$73,792.96 in educational program grants for the upcoming school year to local teachers for their creative or supplemental programs not covered by school funding.

The Teacher Assistance Program grants are given to K-12 teachers in public or private Richland County schools to encourage them to develop new programs, projects, or events for their classrooms.

The following grants were awarded:

1. Kelly Baker, St. Peter’s Elementary School, Inclusive Classroom Library.

2. Autumn Barry, Ontario Stingel Elementary, STEM Program.

3. Thomas Blike, Mansfield Senior High, Holiday Gingerbread Village.

4. Kelsie Brooks, Richland School of Academic Arts, Math Manipulatives.

5. Beth Buchanan, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Book Character Creations.

6. Pamela Conover, Lexington High School, Science Field Trip.

7. Wesley Courser, Mansfield Christian School, Current Event Awareness.

8. Jessica Crist, Shelby Auburn Elementary, Digital/Printable Individual Centers.

9. Robin Dawson, Crestview High School, Microscopic World.

10. Jessica Day, Temple Christian School, Art Program.

11. Andrew Ditlevson, Crestview High School, Ceramics Program.

12. Raymel Early, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Makerspace Adventures.

13. Carmen Egner, Mansfield Middle School, 8th Grade Supplemental Math.

14. Diana Flannigan, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Hydroponic Seeds for STEM.

15. Kelsey Fuller, Shelby Auburn Elementary, Reading Program.

16. Jami Gilger, Shelby Dowds Elementary, Books and Reading Workshop.

17. Kimberly Hall, Abraxas School of Ohio, Intervention Supplies.

18. Sonnet Hogue, Mansfield Christian School, Stained/Fused Glass.

19. Jennifer Hooper, Lexington Eastern Elementary, STEM Materials.

20. Rich Hoover, Clear Fork Middle School, Field Trip.

21. Bianca Horsley, Mansfield Christian School, Reading Program.

22. Susan James, St. Peter’s Elementary, Earth Science Field Study.

23. Natasha Jolin, Ontario Stingel Elementary, Reading Program.

24. Dan Jones, Richland School of Academic Arts, Creativity through Curiosity.

25. Leigh Kelly, Mansfield Digital Academy, Student Engagement Software.

26. Kathy Kranch, Mansfield Sherman Elementary, Kindergartener Program.

27. Amy Kurtz-Nagel, Ontario Stingel Elementary, Wellness Class.

28. Grace Larsen, Richland School of Academic Arts, Classroom Library.

29. Betty Liebhart, Temple Christian School, Education Supplies.

30. Cassandra Lowery, Abraxas School of Ohio, ACT Work Keys.

31. Brianna Maldinger, Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary, Reader Program.

32. Jean McCauley, Ontario Stingel Elementary, Reading Program.

33. Carol Mullet, Shelby Dowds Elementary, Reading Program.

34. Andrea Murphy, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Outdoor Classroom.

35. Courtney Nabb, Mansfield Middle School, Reading Program.

36. Nancy Niedermier, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Outdoor Exploration Kits.

37. Jennie Norman, Mansfield Digital Academy Science Lab, Equipment/Supplies.

38. Alicia Olivieri, Richland School of Academic Arts, Hands-On Learning Support.

39. Heidi Payne, Mansfield Malabar Intermediate, Cross Curricular Materials.

40. Cindy Rice, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Outdoor Discovery Kits.

41. Katy Rinehart, Shelby Dowds Elementary, Reading Program.

42. Lori Rinehart, Mansfield Springmill Stem, Literacy Library.

43. Kellie Ritchey, Ontario Middle School, Literature Circles.

44. Promise Robinson, Temple Christian School, Books.

45. Hannah Roble, Mansfield Senior High School, Classroom Literacy.

46. Sue Rothacher, Richland School of Academic Arts, Guided Reading Intervention.

47. Morgan Schneider, Ontario Stingel Elementary, VersaTiles Workbooks.

48. Taylor Schneider, Mansfield Spingmill STEM, Women in Science Stem.

49. Sarah Schonauer, Mansfield Woodland Elementary, Practicing Problems w/play.

50. Dorothy Sharrock, Abraxas School of Ohio, ACT WorkKeys Curriculum.

51. Erika Smith, Richland School of Academic Arts, Science Department.

52. Dwight Souder, Crestview High School, Aeronautics STEAM.

53. Laura Stine, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Historical Bridges.

54. Chesley Talisse, Richland School of Academic Arts, Uke Can Do It.

55. Angela Vega, Richland School of Academic Arts, Marvel Learning Universe.

56. Melissa Vogt, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Kindness in the Classroom.

57. Elizabeth Voytko, Richland School of Academic Arts, Scholastic News.

58. Jan Weithman, Mansfield Springmill STEM, Coding Brought to Life.

59. Tonya Winningham, Ontario Stingel Elementary, Mathletes.

60. Amy Zappone, Richland School of Academic Arts, Core Knowledge Support.

61. Toni Zehe, Plymouth Shiloh Elementary, Multiple Disabilities Classroom.

62. Kayla Zingale, Ontario Stingel Elementary, Rooted in Reading.

Two grants were awarded from the Harry and Lois McCullough Fund:

63. Sunda Peters, Richland Genealogical Society, WPA Veterans Burial Records.

64. Angela Vega, Richland School of Academic Arts, Ancient Burial Mounds.

One grant was awarded from the Eleanor Searle McCollum Teach and Education Fund to support art, music, and theater supplies at Plymouth Shiloh Local Schools.

About the Richland County Foundation

The Richland County Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, was established in 1945 as a way for individuals to pool and invest their gifts for the long-term good of Richland County and its residents.

The Foundation helps people in Richland County give back to their community by investing their gifts for charity wisely so that grants can be made to improve the quality of life for all the county’s citizens. Working together with donors, the Foundation meets important needs today and plans for a strong future.

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