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MANSFIELD — Mansfield Senior High and Middle School will switch to remote learning at least through the end of the week due to an increase in COVID-19 cases at the two schools. 

The district released a statement on their website on Monday announcing the change. 

"Due to an increase in illness, we have reached a critical point and will need to switch to remote learning beginning Wednesday, January 12th," the statement read. 

Students in grades 7-12 at Mansfield Senior High and Mansfield Middle School will not be in session on Tuesday, Jan. 11. During that time, all staff will report to the building to prepare for the transition to remote learning. 

Procedures and schedules will be communicated to parents and students on Tuesday via phone call and posted on the district website

Students who need a Hot-Spot for remote learning, or assistance with their district-issued Chromebook, may contact the district's technology department at 419-525-6400 ext. 7014.

Supt. Stan Jefferson said remote learning will definitely last Wednesday through Friday, and possible extend into next week. 

"Monday we don't have school because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so we could finish out the rest of the week with remote learning, but I would like to see what that week looks like," he said. 

Jefferson said the decision was made based on the transmission rate of COVID-19 that the district's safety team was seeing. The team meets on a weekly basis. 

"There's a number of factors at play, and we want to make sure we're safe," he said. "We look at how well you can effectively operate with absences of students and staff."  

Due to the switch to remote learning, Mansfield's MLK Jr. Day breakfast and program will switch from being in-person to virtual, Jefferson said. Further announcements will come this week on how the program will be screened to the community via the district's website and partnering media outlets. 

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