From left, Stan Jefferson, superintendent of Mansfield City School District, Renda Cline, President of The Mansfield City School Board of Education and Gary Feagin, vice president of the school board.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield City Schools District appointed new administrators and added new AP courses to the high school class option at Tuesday night's meeting.

The school board approved superintendent Stan Jefferson's six appointments, including: Andrea Moyer, Tom Hager, Marinise Harris, Nikia Fletcher, Jason Douglas and Renee Bessick.

Moyer, who served as principal at Malabar Intermediate over the previous nine years, has been promoted to director of school improvement. Her three-year contract is for $99,840.

"Andrea is starting her 34th year in Mansfield City Schools," Jefferson said. "Before Malabar she has three years as principal at Sherman. We are very proud to have Andrea Moyer."

Hager will fill Moyer's role as principal at Malabar, where he served under her for the past seven years.

Hager is a 1994 Mansfield Senior graduate and is starting his 20th year in the district. Hager has $84,606 three-year contract.

"You were my physiology teacher," Hager said to Jefferson. "Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you, Mrs. Moyer. I could not have asked for a better friend and colleague over the last seven years."

Harris will be the lead principal at Mansfield Senior High School, the school she graduated from in 1992. She has a $93,600 three-year contract.

"From 2010 to 2019, she was an administrator, student growth manger and special ed coordinator at the Ginn Academy of the Cleveland Metro School District," Jefferson said. "We are really looking forward to having Ms. Harris join us."

Harris said she was excited to take the reins of her former high school.

"It's like coming home," she said. "I started as a hall monitor in 2002 and I would have never thought when I was a hall monitor I would be able to come back and lead this school. I'm so excited to be back here."

Fletcher will be the interim director of career tech education. She has a $60,060 one-year contract with the district.

"She was a 1993 graduate of Mansfield Senior," Jefferson said, "and holds a Master's degree of business administration in executive management from Ashland University.

"We are really, really excited to have her join us."

Douglas will be the lead principal of the middle school. He has an $89,440 three-year contract.

"Jason comes to his new position from two years as principal of Prospect Elementary, he's a senior high graduate and returns to the middle school where he previously served as assistant principal," Jefferson said. "We are glad to have him with us."

Bessick, will come out of retirement to serve a one-year contract as principal of Prospect Elementary School. He is a 35-year district employee.

"I said earlier my face was tired from smiling," said Renda Cline, president of the school board. "But this is so great to have so many people here who want to be here and are excited to go to work in August."

In addition, the board approved of an Advanced Placement Myers Psychology Course and a contract with Liberty Nursing. Stephen Rizzo, chief academic officer, said the Liberty Nursing Contract will be an opportunity for students to receive and complete clinical experience.

The board also approved a new AP course in psychology

"This is a request that came from a number of students," Rizzo said. "The course will be in print and there will be a digital component."

The board said it saw merits in creating a new course as well as allowing students real-world opportunities such as nursing.

"It's great to see students who want to take a class and ask to take a class. Thank you for putting this in motion," said Gary Feagin, vice president of the board.

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