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MANSFIELD -- Stan Jefferson, Mansfield City School District Superintendent, told the board of education Tuesday night he'd like to more strictly enforce the Middle School and Mansfield Senior High School uniform policy.

"I have recently met with representatives of Mansfield Middle School and the high school. In the past couple of years, the requirements for campus wear at those buildings have been very inconsistent and not upheld," Jefferson said. "We have reviewed the rubric and added a few items to the rubric to clarify and give instructions to administrators that these guidelines are to be followed for the 2019 school year."

Exact changes were not discussed, though Jefferson said the rubric was not much different than in years past. He added the rubric will be on the school website and distributed at registration.

"I can speak from being in the high school," said board member Cheryl Weber. "I still think it should have been with one company, so that there was one color of khaki, one color orange. It shouldn't matter if there are three buttons or four buttons on a polo. I'm sorry, that's ridiculous to worry about -- three or four. So then things became lax because teachers didn't want send people down (to the office for discipline) for three buttons or four even though they had a polo on.

"If the board had gone with one company or one entity, we would have different colors of khaki or three different shades of orange. That's where the inconsistencies started."

The board discussed the dress code for about 15 minutes, considering various ideas and potential changes.

"The enforcement is/was that the majority of teachers enforced it, but when you get a number of teachers not enforcing it, and going after a child because they only have three (buttons) and students are being suspended that to me is a problem," Weber said.

Board President Renda Cline said she felt consistency is key for students to best understand a policy.

"My goal is to support the superintendent," Cline said. "And make sure whether or not its a guideline or policy, we are going to do what we say we are going to do as an entire district."

At the start of the meeting, Jefferson introduced Amanda M. Mahon and Tara M. Strang to the board.

Mahon will be the ninth grade assistant principal at Senior High School. Strang will be the assistant principal at Malabar Intermediate School.

"Amanda and Tara will significantly help our goals and drive our academic reform as well as creating an active learning environment at Malabar Intermediate and Mansfield Senior," Jefferson said.

The board also voted to approve a human resource position as a liaison at Hedges Alternative School to help serve agencies and high school and middle school students.

"That's a huge position to help keep everyone integrated," Cline said. "In transitions for the students (between schools)."

Board member Judy Forney agreed.

"I just think it is crucial," she said. "The services we are providing, the investment we are making -- we can't just go back on it."

The motion was approved 4 to 0, with board member Chris Elswick absent.

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