Garverick and Gus (copy)

Mansfield City Schools Superintendent Brian Garverick.

MANSFIELD  -- The Mansfield City Schools Board announced Tuesday night it will begin a search for a new superintendent and reopen the Alternative School in the district.

Brian Garverick, the district's current superintendent, will lead the work in the Alternative School.

"An agreement has been reached which allows Mr. Garverick the ability to continue to work in the district and permits the board to pursue hiring another superintendent," board of education president Renda Cline said. "Both parties believe this transition is in the best interests of both the district and Mr. Garverick."

Garverick declined comment following a lengthy executive session.

"We are fortunate to have leaders like Brian be a part of our district for nearly all his career, and we are excited to have him relaunch the alternative program that was very successful under his tenure to address the unique needs of our students," Cline read from a prepared statement.  "As we proceed with structuring our staffing decisions around the needs of our students, we will keep all stakeholders informed.

"Our commitment to our students and community is strong and we are excited to continue progress together."

When asked if Garverick would stay on as superintendent for the remainder of the school year and when the search for his replacement would begin, Cline answered, "We'll keep you informed."

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