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MANSFIELD -- The school year just ended, but the Mansfield City School district has announced key dates for the 2019-2020 school year.

The first day of classes for students in grades four through 12 will be Thursday, Aug 22. The first day for students in grades first through third will be Monday, Aug. 26.

Kindergarten will have a screening on Aug. 26-28 and a staggered start on Aug. 29-30. All kindergarten students will attend full days, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 3. The district said it will provide more information about the staggered start at a later date.

Pre-kindergarten classes will be extended to five days a week in 2019-2020, except for the second Friday of each month. Students will not need attend on those seven Fridays to allow teachers to work on evaluating the needs of students for intervention services. Pre-kindergarten classes begin Aug. 28.

The final day of classes for all students will be Monday, June 1.

Staff professional development/training is scheduled on five dates when students will not be in school. Those dates are Aug. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 7, Dec. 20 and March 13. Staff work days are scheduled Aug. 21 and June 2.

Two additional dates, Aug. 22-23, have been scheduled for teachers in kindergarten through third grade to focus on reading and new English-language arts materials.

Schools will not be in session on Oct. 7 for MSEA day.

Thanksgiving vacation will be Nov. 27-29. Winter break will be Dec. 23 through Jan. 3. Spring break will be April 10-17.

Grading periods will end on Oct. 18, Dec. 20, March 13 and June 1.

For more information, visit the school district website.

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