Superintendent Stan Jefferson

Stan Jefferson looks over the agenda at a special board meeting Friday. Jefferson had his new four-year superintendent's contract approved at the meeting.

MANSFIELD -- Considering the long list of high-caliber positions Stan Jefferson has held, his new one still may be his most important.

Jefferson's four-year contract as Superintendent of Mansfield City Schools was unanimously approved Friday morning by the board of education. His salary is $115,000 and will increase each year by 1.5 percent. The contract also states a $15,000 signing bonus.

"Being the superintendent is a tremendous opportunity for me to impact the lives of our school community, our staff and all of the people involved with the Mansfield City Schools," Jefferson said after the Mansfield City School Board unanimously voted to approve his four-year, $115,000 contract. "I'm a public servant and my job is to serve the public."

The contract officially begins Aug. 1, 2019 and ends July 31, 2023. However, Jefferson is already helping during the transition period with the district.

The contract includes a section encouraging Jefferson to grow his student achievement and school finance abilities. He is asked to visit other institutions and attend seminars and lectures held by public or private institutions.

Jefferson served as principal at Mansfield Senior High School before he was hired by Jim Tressel to work with the Ohio State University football program. He was employed there for 13 years, and retained by Urban Meyer on the OSU staff in 2012 before retiring in 2017.

The Dayton-area native then launched a new company, Jefferson Rowe, that summer.

He was also voted into the Mansfield City Schools Hall of Fame in 2009 and is a member of the Ohio High School football coaches' Hall of Fame.

A co-founder and CEO of Jefferson Rowe Vertical Horizon Solutions Group, Jefferson speaks to school districts and elsewhere on issues of leadership, cultural awareness.

Mansfield City Schools has not been judged favorably by the Ohio Department of Education in recent years, which listed the district as an 'F-rated' school on its overall district report card.

Still, Jefferson said he feels prepared with his background in leadership, education and administration.

"We are really going to do some electrifying things in this district," he said. "And I am really looking forward to it and I'm really proud to be back as a TY Tyger.

"To be able to lead a school district and to be able to have an impact on our students and staff that will help make our community grow, is a fantastic honor."

In that same meeting, the board approved of a one-time signing bonus payment of transportation staff members of $1,000.

The board also approved a new contract with Teamsters Local Union #40, who represents bus drivers and mechanics for the district.

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