Board President Renda Cline and Vice President Gary Feagin listen to presentations during a recent meeting.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Board of Education has selected Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center to help find a superintendent to replace Brian Garverick, whose resignation will be in affect at the end of the school year. 

The board spent Wednesday's 6 p.m. special meeting listening to two search committees: MOESC and the Ohio School Boards Association.

"We really like their experience and (Mid-Ohio) knowledge of the district and understanding of what's best for the district," Mansfield BOE President Renda Cline said.

Each presenter took about 20 minutes to explain their respective plans to the board.

Ed Swartz of MOESC, told the board he had been an interim superintendent with the district around 2010.

"I fully enjoyed my time in this district, and would love to be able to help out in again in a small way," he said. 


Ed Swartz, of Mid-Ohio ESC vies for Mansfield's hire for a search for superintendent candidates.

He told the quorum of three board members -- Cline, Gary Feagin and Judy Forney -- about his company's plan of action.

"We always look for the most perfect individual and If I can help in any way, I'm happy to do that." Swartz said. "We post advertisements in all different places and have a lot of contacts with education services.

"I'd like to think I have network of people that is a little broader than what most people can bring."

Board member Chris Elswick came in after Swartz's presentation.

Steve Horton, OSBA senior board and management consultant promised the school district his company will work hard so they don't have to, pulling the Scrubbing Bubbles logo up on the final slide of his presentation.

He said OSBA's plan consisted of basic steps: profile development, to get an idea of the best candidate based on staff and community focus groups, recruitment using a database and an exclusive program called the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers. Another step is professional screenings reviewed by OSBA's internal and external evaluators. An example of an external evaluator is a former superintendent.


Steve horton, OSBA senior board and management services consultant speaks second to the board about his companies searching services

Throughout the professional screening process, board members will be able to access each application submitted. Board members can look at the applications and take notes. Then Horton said they would compare each applicant together.

"It's important you know we don't choose candidates for you," Horton said. "You have the final say of who is interviewed."

The final step is appointment.

Horton said after they make the candidate an offer, if they accept, OSBA guarantees they stay with the district until they find the right candidate, regardless of time.

But in the end, MOESC got the nod.

Following the two presentations, the board spent about an hour in executive session to pick a search committee.

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