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MADISON -- Madison Comprehensive High School will transition to all-virtual instruction starting Tuesday due to an increased number of COVID-19 cases among students. 

“The reason for going remote is due to the number of positive student cases and quarantine that go along with that," said superintendent Rob Peterson.

The district announced three new cases at the high school on Friday and an additional three on Monday. There are approximately 30 high students in quarantine.  

“The spread is definitely hitting with high school students right now. So we’re concerned about student and staff safety," Peterson said.

The switch to virtual instruction applies only to high school students. Peterson said he anticipates that in-person classes will resume at the high school on Nov. 30, following Thanksgiving break.

Peterson encouraged students to continue practicing social distancing during the virtual learning period.

“We will continue extracurriculars but we’re going to be monitoring them closely," Peterson said. "I would really encourage students to be very careful about where they're going and gatherings and things like that so that we can stay with the face-to-face learning.”

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