Madison classmates Maria Lora, Barb Browning Whiteamire and Cathy Tucker Schmidt, from left, celebrate their class's 50th year reunion. 

MADISON TOWNSHIP -- "Where has the time gone?" This is a phrase used over and over again during the Madison Class of 1967's reunion weekend, held Aug. 11 and 12.

The classmates began their weekend on Friday evening receiving a wristband that when presented at several downtown Mansfield establishments, it allowed the 67 graduates an evening of discounted food and beverages.


Classmates enjoy the evening on Friday, Aug. 11 at the Progressive Downtown Mansfield Meet and Greet. 

More than 90 graduates and friends spent Friday night walking down memory lane as they enjoyed delicious food and drink at the downtown Mansfield "hotspots."


Here's the 1967 commencement program. 

Friday morning had a wet beginning for a group of golfers who endured the rain to participate in a golf outing for classmates and friends. Rosie Oblinger (wife of classmate Jody Oblinger), who traveled from Arizona to attend the reunion, was not only the only woman playing golf, but she also was the low score of the day.

Friday morning also carried many memories for Madison Exchange student Maria Lora, who after graduating from her high school in Peru, came to Madison High School. She spent a year studying and graduated with the class of 1967. She not only returned from Miami, Florida for the 50th year reunion with her Madison classmates, but also spent the weekend staying with Cathy Tucker Schmidt. Cathy's family was Maria's host family in Mansfield some 50 years ago.

Barb Browning Whiteamire was also to be found engaging in stories and memories with Maria the morning of the reunion. Barb was also an exchange student from Madison and a host family for Maria.

Tom Wolff

Class president Tom Wolff presents a toast at the Madison class of 1967 reunion.  

Saturday evening a group of 150 graduates and friends attended a fun evening at the Ontario Event Center, where senior class president Tom Wolff (former Ontario School Superintendent) gave an inspiring toast to his many friends and classmates from so many years ago. The evening was full of dancing, storytelling and a wonderful walk down an amazing 50 years in the lives of the 1967 graduates.

Classmates traveled from as far away as Florida, Mississippi, Vermont, Arizona, Georgia and even the country of Kuwait to attend the reunion.

Many Madison 1967 classmates and friends woke up Sunday morning with a smile on their faces and a memory full of joy as almost 50 members of the group headed off to one more reunion event - "Breakfast at the Corral." More laughter and memories and stories were spun over a buffet meal that ended the weekend of reunion events.

What an adventure for all who participated in the 1967 Madison Class 50th Year Reunion Weekend.

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