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LEXINGTON -- Principal Kevin Young will be moving to the central office next school year as assistant superintendent after a decade working at Lexington High School.

“I’m humbled and honored that the board and Mr. (Supt. Jeremy) Secrist have the faith in me to help lead the district in the future,” Young said. “It’s exciting. I’m looking forward to it for sure.”

The role of assistant superintendent was left vacant last August after Secrist was promoted from assistant superintendent to superintendent.

The school board chose to save money by not filling the position since the state cut school funding just a few months prior. 

After one year and multiple rounds of COVID-19 relief funding, the board voted to promote Young to the district's second-in-command. The salary will be $109,833 for the 2021-22 school year, according to district treasurer Jason Whitesel.

“We have too much facing us right now to not have the appropriate management and leadership," Secrist said. “There's just so much going on in the district. 

"I think it’s vital that we have Kevin’s assistance in the oversight, management and leadership to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to make this a smooth transition and continue growing as a district."

Secrist described his successor as "extremely organized" and detail-oriented.

"I trust Kevin to challenge me, I trust Kevin to question me," Secrist said. "I trust Kevin to help me make strong decisions and make decisions on his own as well. He thinks like a leader."

As assistant superintendent, Young will help lead the logistical operations of the district. One significant task will be combining the junior high and high school into a new building, hopefully next summer. Maintaining academic rigor during that transition is a top priority, Young said.

Administrators also plan to do a regular evaluation of the district’s curriculum, ensuring that it’s consistent across grade levels and compatible with today’s technology.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Young said. “It’s an exciting time in Lexington Local Schools and it’s also a challenging time.”

Young is a 1987 graduate of Lexington High School. He earned a bachelor’s in communications at the University of South Carolina and interned with a couple of local newspapers, but it wasn’t a good fit. He then went back to school to become an English teacher and later earned a Master’s in Administration from Ashland University.

Young began his teaching career at Crestline, then taught high school English and coached varsity basketball at Galion. He spent eight years as a seventh-grade English teacher at Lexington Junior High School. Then Secrist urged him to become an administrator.

“Mr. Secrist came on board as junior high principal for one year before he was moved to the high school,” Young recalled. “He saw something in me as far as administration, kind of nudged me along and said ‘Hey you’re coming to the high school. I need an assistant principal.’”

Young spent six years as assistant principal. He's currently wrapping up his fourth year as principal. While he’s looking forward to his new role, Young said he’ll miss day-to-day interactions with the staff and students at the high school.

“I’m still going to be around, they’re going to see me, but you don’t get to connect with them as much as the principal or assistant principal,” Young said. “I’ll miss that the most.”

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