Band of Gold

The Lexington Band of Gold performs at the Festival of Champions competition on Saturday at Lexington High School. 

LEXINGTON -- Nine marching bands throughout the state competed in Saturday's Festival of Champions at Lexington High School.

The Lexington Festival of Champions High School Marching Band Competition, now in its 43rd year, is a contest of highly qualified marching bands, each striving for excellence in a well coordinated marching and musical presentation.

Judges consider the difficulty of the maneuvers, as well as the balance and quality of the music.

Bands are grouped into four classes according to the number of students in the high school's upper three grades: Class C = 300 or less students; Class B = 301 to 500 students; Class A = 501 to 900 students; and Class AA = 901 or more students. Any band has the option of joining a higher classification, but not a lower one.