John Scott Curtis

John "Scott" Curtis is the new principal at Central Elementary School.

LEXINGTON — The Lexington Local Schools board of education approved the hiring of a new elementary principal at its Wednesday night meeting.

John “Scott” Curtis was hired on a two-year contract as the principal of Central Elementary School. Curtis is a 2001 graduate of Mount Gilead High School.

Curtis said his focus will be on community, relationships and results as he steps into the new role.

“I”m very passionate about students and students’ success and I think the only way that you do that is providing support for teachers and building meaningful relationships with teachers and kids,” he said.

Curtis began his career as an elementary guidance counselor with Elgin Local Schools in Marion. He later served as an assistant high school principal in the district. After that, he spent seven years in Marion City Schools, including two years as an assistant middle school principal and five as an elementary principal.

Curtis said he’s looking forward to working in a smaller district.

“I was kind of looking for a change, to be in more of a community feel. Sometimes you lose that a little bit in city schools,” he said. “I’ve always known and observed good things about Lexington.”

Superintendent Jeremy Secrist said he was excited to have Curtis on board.

“We know he cares about kids and cares about staff,” he said. “He’s a smart guy who is excited about the chance to grow and improve. He’s gonna fit right in perfectly.

“Coming from Marion City, he's going to bring in a unique point of view that will assist us here."

Secrist said all three elementary principals will be collaborating throughout the school year like never before.

“It’s important to us to have one elementary in three locations — that's the mindset we have to start bringing in,” he said.

Curtis will take the position formerly held by Kathy Weidig, who retired this spring after 22 years as the principal of Central Elementary School.

Matthew Millinger, who was hired at a meeting June 1, will be the principal of Western Elementary School following the resignation of Genelle Eggerton.

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